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Aries, the simplest text-to speech standalone reading machine.

A reading machine built for non-technical people. All the controls are large and tactile with turn and press operation. No fiddly buttons to get confused with.

Aries allows you to listen to printed material without having to touch any buttons. Three large knobs on the front control everything. Once switched on, Aries automatically recognises any text put underneath and reads it out to you in a few seconds. No more waiting.

Focusing, orientation and depth of field are not a problem, Aries will work it all out. It can read medication and food boxes, packets, and labels. The clever software identifies text blocks, recognises any headings and columns, and reads them in the correct order.This is important especially when reading newspapers and magazines, for instance, and if you need to read your bank statement, the column detection can be turned off.

A large choice of over 17 languages with different voices are available to suit your personal needs. Just for example, the English voices available so far are: – British, American, Australian, Scottish and Irish. These can be adjusted in the settings.

Aries can read a whole sheet of A4 at a time and can read two pages of a normal sized book in one go.

The large depth of field allows Aries to read into the spine of books. As long as the text is visible it will try to read it.


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