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Luna 8 is a handheld electronic video magnifier from Zoomax low vision aids. The compact body, lightweight design, and 8 hours extra long battery life is perfect for use everywhere. Whether reading a book or newspaper at home, using it to study for school, or taking it with you to work, Luna 8 is the perfect companion for magnifying things you want to see.


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Warranty: 2 years

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Extreme Simplicity – Luna 8 Gets Back To Basic
Enjoy coffee, sunshine and simple life. If what you need most from a video magnifier is simplicity and great image quality, then Luna 8 is for you. There are no complex advanced features to worry about. Just good old-fashioned zoom in and out, high contrast to assist with reading, and a camera button for taking photos of things to look at later. Luna 8 powers up fast too. Perfect!

8 Hours Extra Long Battery Life
8 for Luna 8 is more about the screen size. Outstandingly, your Luna 8 can get up to 8 hours of reading time on a single charge. As one of the video magnifiers with the longest battery life on the market, Luna 8 brings you a longer and more enjoyable reading experience. Featuring how sharply it displays the texts and images, Luna 8 is your best visual companion.

Use, Before Realizing How To Use
Learning? Tutorial? No need! Using Luna 8 is simpler than using a calculator, and in 1 minute you can master everything. All the basic functions, e.g. zooming in/out, high contrast display, and image freezing, are accessible via a press on large physical buttons. All the settings have icons displayed in the Menu, which you can enter with one press of the Home button. No problem!

Use Luna 8 Everywhere On The Go
Take Luna 8 anywhere you want to go: at home, to the office, or to school. Although Luna 8 is easy to use for reading, it is also highly functional for outdoor life. It’s light, and easy to carry around; it has distance viewing that enables you to see the menu board in restaurants, or the slides projected in the conference room. With extraordinary 8 hours battery life, Luna 8 is your perfect portable magnifier for continuous use.

Keep Up With The Modern Life
Luna 8 suits the style of everybody. The slim, matte, textured finish with white on black buttons, just like the cool tech gadgets most people will enjoy. Instead of an optical magnifier, this electronic video magnifier brightens your look. It’s stylish and confident, while enhancing your visual life.

Product Weight

500g (1.1lbs)

Product Width

21.8cm (8.6 inches)

Product Depth

14.3cm (5.6 inches)

Product Height

1.1cm (0.4 inches)

Screen Size


Colour Modes

Full color and 10 high contrast color modes

Battery Life

8 hours

Freeze Frame


Accessories supplied with

Battery charger and USB cable, carry case, instruction manual, HDMI cable, cleaning cloth


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