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A versatile electronic magnifier with a 6-inch screen. Luna 6 has automatic focus and an incredible depth of field and can be used for close-up and distance viewing.
Its handle and built-in stand allow the Luna 6 to be used easily for different purposes. Images can be saved on the device to be viewed or downloaded to a computer later. It can also be connected to a television for a larger viewing screen. Luna 6 has a 4 hour battery life and features wireless charging.


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Warranty: 2 years

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Customized Wireless Charger

The Luna 6 video magnifier provides two charging methods. You can choose the charge via a direct connect with the adapter or the wireless charger to charge the Luna 6.

People with severe low vision who may find the charge port challenging to plug in correctly will be happy to enjoy the wireless charging feature.It is quick and easy to charge by placing the Luna 6 on the wireless charger; then, everything is good to go.

zoomax luna 6 handheld electronic video magnifier for low vision wireless charging

Comfortable Use With Sturdy Built-In Handle

The Luna 6 makes reading much easier for people with visual impairment with a sturdy built-in handle. Holding a Luna 6 is as easy as holding a basic magnifying glass; it enables you to magnify up to 19x. For seniors, it’s easy to steady using the Luna 6 even with shaky hands, as the handle can firmly stay in any position needed. If you prefer to place the Luna 6 on the table, close the handle and open the stand to switch from handheld to desktop.

zoomax luna 6 handheld electronic video magnifier for low vision carry luna 6 around

Luna 6 Offers 5 Hours Of Battery Life

Since the need for low vision aids to living a visual life, Luna 6, with an incredible 5 hrs battery life, allows you to focus on what is essential rather than when you need to charge your unit. The battery life of Luna 6 is one of the longest for handheld electronic video magnifiers on the market today. Looking through recipes, flipping through the family album, reading a book, filling out a form… Luna 6 is always ready to help! It is always the best low vision assistive reading device for you.

zoomax luna 6 handheld electronic video magnifier for low vision reading the magazine with luna 6

Slim And Lightweight For Carrying Around

13-megapixel camera, high capacity battery, HD screen, handle, and more… all the features are incredibly assembled on a 6-inch compact body. With less than a half in inch slim design and a .46 lb weight (similar to a cell phone), you can quickly put Luna 6 in your pocket, carry it around, and use it to see things anywhere and everywhere. Of course, a convenient carrying case is a standard accessory!

luna 6

Excellent Image Quality For Reading And Viewing

The Luna 6 displays excellent image quality, but it’s more than awesome features; Luna 6 is designed for comfortable reading. When you move as you read a book, the words stay super clear in high contrast color. When you use Luna 6 to read a recipe, the image looks as vivid as cooking. Even when the text is magnified significantly, the edge remains sharp. A necessity to continue visual activities you enjoy in day-to-day life for people with low vision.

Product Weight

210g (7.4 oz.)

Product Width

16cm (6.3 inches)

Product Depth

8cm (3.15 inches)

Product Height

2.1cm (0.83 inches)

Screen Size


Colour Modes

Full color and 10 high contrast color modes

Battery Life

4 hours

Freeze Frame


Accessories supplied with

Wireless battery charger and USB-C cable, carry case, instruction manual, HDMI cable, cleaning cloth


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