Spare battery and docking charger station.

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The Looky 5 Dock Charger and Spare Battery is an accessory for the Looky 5. The package consists of a dock which you plug the battery of the Looky 5 into and a spare battery. This will allow you to charge two batteries at the same time (one which is plugged into the Looky 5 and one which is plugged into the Dock Charger) It is handy to have two charged batteries as it will allow you more time to use the magnifier. For example if you are out for the day having an extra battery will allow you to use the Looky magnifier throughout the day.

Product Weight

0.194kg (0.43 lbs.)

Product Width

5.3cm (2.09 inches)

Product Depth

5.3cm (2.09 inches)

Product Height

6.4cm (2.52 inches)

Battery Life


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